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A cute necklace for watching a baseball game

wearing a cool heart necklace on a date

Casual dates and casual jewelry play well together. When going casual of course you also want to be
comfortable. Comfortable and stylish at the same time - you are on a date after all! My Feel the Love
necklace is all about casual comfort. Soft leather, chain and with a whimsical heart tag keeps the love
flowing (in a casual way).
Along with my necklace MB is wearing a pair of playful hoop earrings. I call them Art Gallery earrings.
They are a great compliment to this necklace. Especially if you like big earrings. These can be your 
grab n go pieces for all your casual style outfits.


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Abstract mixed metal hoop earrings plays well with denim

abstract hoop earrings on denim

Calling all blue jean baby Queens! Today jeans are considered a fashion staple. We dress them up when
needed or not. Today I'm showing off the Art Gallery hoop earrings to show you how to add some cool style
on your next outing.

Yes you can wear jeans and these earrings to put you in the mood for an art show or trip to the museum.

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Golfing in the rain with big fun earrings!

rainy day girl with big earrings

Even though there was a chance of rain, my Scottsdale, AZ customer headed out to do some golfing!

She donned her raincoat my big mixed metal hoop earrings to go - live and let live. Atta girl. 
I love her spirit.

In the spirit of enjoying life, put on soemthing that makes you feel good
no matter what the weather forecast says.

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