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A necklace for your best friend

bff personalized long tag charm necklace

What memories and and experiences come to mind
when you think of your childhood best friend?
No doubt you shared secrets, embarassing moments,
crushes, pranks and long Summer days. I know I sure did.

This necklace covers a lot territory so to speak.
Each tag is stamped with words that will
only mean something to Shelly. Inside jokes, 
memories of skits, a sister prank, favorite things.
I had a heart full of joy and happy tears when I made it
for her. The purple stones are her February birthstones.
Im so glad she was born!

This was a custom necklace but it inspired me to
create a design so you can gift one to your bestie
and feel all the love too.

Broswe my Use Your Words Necklace to create 
your own words etc.

Or email for a custom piece.