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Scarves, updos & earrings

wearing a long scarf with hair in a bun and black earrings

When life throws you curve balls and you need to look presentable in a limited amount of time,
I've got you covered! If you have at least medium length hair start with an intentional sloppy pony tail.
Thats easy. Create a wispy bun by leaving you hair looped through the last rotation of your elastic band.
The scarf will pretty up all the fly away hair and tickle your neck at the same time. Dangly earrings
are icing on the cake. The add that fun element of swinging color or design. My black gemstone
earrings pop pretty with any colorful scarf. Easy Breezy.



Black & silver jewelry for casual pink & gray fashion

black and silver necklace & earrings being worn

                     Dressing casual is my favorite. It allows you to be comfortable, right?!
                     Neutral gray (I mean how cute is that heart top) comes to life with a vibrant pop
                     of bright pink.

                     But the final touch is my delicate black statement necklace. 
                     Appropriatley named Little Black Necklace! And of course you'll need some coordinating 
                     earrings to complete. Here she is wearing a pair of my Elegant Onyx earrings.
                     Both earrings and necklace can easily go out for coffee as well as cocktails!

A warm winter vest with complimentary jewelry

black jewelry with a warm vest

     Vests are a great item for colder winter months. They give your arms more freedom
     of movement and keep your core warm without all the bulk. Slip on a simple necklace 
     and coordinating earrings and you can stay warm and stylish without feeling frumpy!