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Sterling XOX bracelets gifted to a Mom from her tribe of boys

xox silver bracelets on hand

Talk about feeling loved! Once upon a time their were 4 boy that loved their mom so much.
They wanted her to feel that love as Valentines day was approaching. She is an involved home
schooling mom who knows just how to make each one of them feel special and unique.

Somehow they figured out that she is a fan of my jewelry! They pooled their resources, found
my website and then decided on these 2 sterling silver cuff bracelets - Sealed with a Kiss
and Bear Hugs.

I was so impressed that they talked, planned, shopped all on their own. They gifted their Mom 
timeless keepsake jewelry. Everytime she looks at her wrist - she'll feel surrounded with
kisses and hugs from boy tribe!!

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