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Custom jewelry for a wedding officiate

bride groom & wedding officiate with custom jewelry

Special occasions call for special jewelry, right?!

My client was honored to be the wedding officiate for this happy couple!
She wanted coordinating colors and accessories to keep with the wedding theme - but also let
the bride remain front and center!

That's where I came in. Designing around a dress and event is pure creative joy!


rose quartz jewelry to match this dress

It all started with her dress. My client found this very feminine, softly layered dress, in a gorgeous
dusty rose, pink color. I knew at once that I'd be using feminine pink stones, pink crystal and silver.

The dominate stone is rose quartz which is known as the stone of - LOVE! How could I not use this?
The end result was a delicate layered necklace, a stack of airy bracelets and simple earrings that
lean toward an antique style. And I enjoyed every single minute of helping her prepare for this 
very special occasion!

If you have a special occasion or event, I'd love to help you too. Email here me to get started!