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Fall fashion and chunky layered jewelry

chunky layered silver jewelry with Fall clothes

Easing into Fall brings a change of weather with turning leaves that take your breath away,
delicious crisp apples and thoughts of sitting around a warm fire. 

Changing seasons means a shift in your wardrobe. I love any excuse to break out your
boots and jackets. Of course plaid shirts, cozy sweaters and pumpkin everything is included.

I've got something for you that won't change though. Artisan jewelry that is practical for every
season. The pieces shown here work with any seasonal color. Silver is always a good choice 
for earthy jewel tones, pastels or bright and bold. Or worn with all black.

Wear all jewelry together for a fun, chunky statement or each one by itself works too.


Everything here can be purchased at Clay & Cotton on Bardstown Rd, Louiseville, KY 

You can also purchase jewelry right here on my site.

Chain Reaction Trio Hoop earrings

Chain Reaction Long Necklace


Happy Fall!