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When Flowers are your life you need a Flower Queen bracelet!

outfit flat lay with metal flower artisan bracelet
Where are all my gardners and flower loving addicts?!
I'm with you! I'm all about the flowers where real or this
long lasting flower bracelet. I worked at a flower shop
all through high school. And now I work part time at a flower
Shop when Im not in my studio designing jewelry. I love playing in
the dirt as much as I love playing with metal and beads!
Its a win win for me. If you have a Flower Queen in your life 
this might be the best bunch of flowers to have year round!

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Looking lovely with a flower necklace

metal flower necklace on female

Just a few weeks back we met long time friends for a dinner party.
None of us live close by and since Covid hit this
was a fun first time for all of to be together. So when I saw
sweet Mari donned in my Wildflower necklace and
my Feel the Breeze earrings it made my day. I had forgotten she
purchased them way back when.  She shared that she 
wears these pieces often and gets many compliments.
Further making my tail wag! I think what felt good to me
is that she feels good wearing those pieces. I love knowing that
something I made with my hands would be so meaningful to her.

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A flower necklace that never wilts

metal flower necklace on neck with peasant top

For the love of flowers you'll love this Wildflower necklace
that stays fresh year round. No wilting for you! Maybe an ocassional
polish but thats all. Mixed metal, chain and leather creates an
artisan style thats built to last. Add a flower to your necklace
collection for a does of cheer when needed.

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