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Shine your light with pretty jewelry

crystal heart pearl necklace & earrings on wood
Yes let your light shine because the world needs it! You can
start be stepping out with my incredibly shiny and sparkly Swarovski
crystal necklace. Slip on my shiny gold trinagle earrings and 
let your confidence explode! You'll be lighting up the sidewalk
every step of the day. Hopefully making someones day a little better.

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Good mood earrings and a pretty crystal heart necklace

wearing silver hoop dangles & a crystal heart necklace

Seriously, I reach for these earriings when I need a pick me up,
or am already excited for the day and feel like expressing it.
The big swingy size and fun design are good 
moond bringers. (I just made that word up) 

They are also a super fun earrings to wear with anything
Johnny Was, like this top. And when you have a busy print
on your clothes you can still wear a necklace. The one
shown here blends right in but sparkles in the light. A
nice compliment!

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A necklace that lights up love

crystal heart silver chain necklace displayed
This pretty necklace will warm your heart and shoot sparkling rays of 
light to ayone in your orbit! I named this my Heart of Gold
necklace because I really like what that means. Its like a two in 
one necklace. Pretty jewelry + heart inspiration for living. This 
piece is great for gifting during the month of love. But don't think
hearts are just for February cause they aren't. Pretty sparkly hearts|
are always appropriate!!

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